Our proprietary energy storage design uses state of the art lithium ion cells, providing a perfect balance between cost, performance and life.  We combine our core energy storage systems, solar and wind generation, and remote monitoring and control.  This allows us to provide our customers with insight into their energy usage, emergency alerts, anti-theft provisioning, and a clean and reliable weak/off-grid power supply.

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Product Features


3 kW | Power per pack, modularly-designed to be combined for a more powerful system

48 V | Standard Telecom system voltage

–20°C to 55°C | Wide operating temperature, built to last in any environment

Proprietary BMS | Provides remote management and monitoring capabilities

22 kg | Higher Energy Density means lighter for tower mounting and ease of transport

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Off-Grid Energy Generation

  • Custom Site Analysis - Using GPS coordinates of your sites we develop a customized plan for renewable energy generation

  • Energy Agnostic - Store solar, wind or energy from the grid in our core battery technology 

  • DC Metering - Our systems can be used to support multiple tenants and account for their individual usage

  • Telemetry - Manage and Monitor your tower and our system remotely via an online web portal


Our process

We'll review your requirements, assess your sites and work with you and local partners in your area to get our clean and reliable systems installed at your mission-critical sites quickly.  


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