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Combining Reliability And Intelligence For Cost-Effective Power

We offer clean energy solutions that minimize fuel usage for standalone and backup power. From the most remote telecom site to one packed in a dense metropolis, Caban Systems optimizes your site operation for reliable and intelligent power delivery solutions.

Energy Density + Intelligence

With proprietary battery packs of extreme density and management software powered by a proprietary machine learning algorithm, Caban offers best-in-class intelligent energy solutions.

100% Off-Grid Solutions

Caban partners with leading solar PV manufacturers to offer vertically integrated solutions for any type of site in the world. Our system also easily pairs with wind, grid, or other onsite generated power.

Energy Co-Location

Caban’s solution provides power from a central source but allows energy usage to be tracked to individual tenants. This reduces space used by equipment and operational inefficiencies – operators can transparently manage multiple power sources for multiple tenants.

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Software-enabled Energy Storage Platform Equipped with Remote Monitoring and Controls

Caban Systems: Intelligent Clean Power Solutions

Customer Spotlight

Centennial Towers
The Durango Cell Tower was one of the first sites deploying the intelligent power solution from Caban Systems. Since installation, the remote, off-grid site has received reliable power with 100% uptime, allowing Centennial Towers to connect an additional 4000 users. Centennial Towers, a long time global leader offering high-quality cell sites around the world, pushes the boundary further with Caban's intelligent power solutions.

Durango, Mexico

Global Sites

Headquarters: Burlingame, California, USA

Puerto Rico Site: San Juan, PR, USA

Mexico Site: CDMX, MX

Guatemala Site: Guatemala City, GUA

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